Alien – Thierry Mugler | Candle

It’s no surprise that my favourite perfume of all time is Alien by Thierry Mugler. Late last year, Mugler announced that this perfume, alongside Angel, was being released in a candle form…crazy right?! After the announcement, the whole of social media went crazy for this product and I have tried since the release date to get my hands on this little beauty, as it has been sold out in almost every store for months. As I now have my very own Alien candle, I thought i’d give a little review to see whether this product is really worth the hype.

Thanks for reading, HW.

IMG_2453For those whom have had the Alien perfume prior to this post, you will be aware that the packaging for this candle follows the same format as the fragrance. The candle is presented in a purple,  glass container, which sits inside of a white box with gorgeous gold detailing. The packaging is simple yet effective, very aesthetically pleasing and an all round lovely interior product to display. 

As for the candle itself, this is designed to have an approximate burning time of 40 hours and it retails for £39 in most UK stores. If you’re a lover of floral notes of jasmine and white amber, this scent is perfect for you! The candle itself is slightly on the pricey side and it was smaller than I initially expected which was slightly disappointing for the price. Upon lighting, the smell of alien is so strong and it smells exactly the same as the perfume! I tend to light this candle on an evening when relaxing and winding down as I find this specific scent to be both calming and comfortable. I have had so many comments from friends and family, whom agree that this candle smells fresh and amazing, this is a product that I will definitely be re-purchasing. 



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