FFS! | Friction Free Shaving Review

Hello my loves! Yes, your eyes did not deceive you… this post is dedicated to all things shaving!  Now girls, are you tired of those pesky shaving rashes? this could be because you aren’t changing your razor blades enough. Most razors are often very over priced. I used to use the Venus Swirl which retails for £11.99, as well as £10.99 for three replacement blades. Today I present FFS | Friction Free Shaving, the razor subscription service that has changed my shaving game for life! Continue reading to see how this subscription service works, and I also have a little discount code for you all so you can receive 30% off your first monthly or bi-monthly purchase by using the code 10JZT4 just click the link here for more information.


FFS is a subscription that is designed to make shaving cleaner, easier and cheaper! There are currently two blades to choose from; Frankie the 3 blade head (£5 per month) or Samantha the 5 blade head (£8 per month). Upon subscribing, this company will send a razor handle and then four fresh blades that will be renewed every month to try to make changing those razor blades, less of a chore. I never really understood the importance of changing razor blades until now, and it was something I was really lazy with due to the price of normal razors, this little beauty has made all the difference!


My subscription is the Samantha, the 5 blade head. Besides the aesthetically pleasing copper handle (haha!) this razor is designed to give a really close shave, which is perfect for you lovely ladies with thick, dark hair like me. For £8 per month, the handle is amazing quality, it has more weight to it than a normal razor from the drugstore would, which makes shaving more luxurious. 


As mentioned, this company provides four blades that are renewed every month. The package includes four blades with weekly reminders on the box so you remember to change your razor head regularly. If you don’t shave once or twice every single week, and are worried that you will be receiving too many blades, there are options when signing into your account which enables you to postpone your subscription for one month, or switch to the bi-monthly service. 


For an additional £6 you can purchase the friction free shave cream. This cream is produced from Manuka Honey, Shea Butter and Coconut Oil and the cationic formula reduces friction for a closer shave. Trust me ladies, not only will this leave your skin feeling silky smooth, but it also smells AMAZING!

This brand has stepped up the shaving game, it is something I now swear by. Upon use I haven’t had any shaving rashes from friction, nor do I suffer from any painful cuts as this blade bends to fit around the shape of your body, reaching all the places your usual razor can’t. This gives me a closer shave than ever and I am saving an incredible amount of money which is fantastic, definitely check this service out girls! 



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